Roulette – the queen of casino

Roulette is the casino card. It associates at many people with a casino. What do you know about roulette? To invent an ideal game system in roulette tries not one hundred years, from the moment of the roulette invention. Whether it has turned out? It is not known For successful game in a roulette it is necessary to define how many money you are ready to lose, how many you wish to win. That is it is necessary to be engaged in game financial planning. Then the system of rates is necessary to you. After that it is possible to go to a casino playtech slots.

At the rate on casino number pays a prize 35 to 1, and on a table of 36 numbers and a zero. It means that at a prize you give a part of the prize of a casino. From loss do not pay anything, except loss. The game purpose in the Roulette – to guess, on what number the ball will stop, and to make the necessary rate. Game is conducted on a game table on which, except a wheel, there is a game field with put numbers and additional areas for rates. Player’s stake, placing on this game field the counters. Distinguish 3 kinds of rates:

-Inside Bets – rates directly on separate numbers or group of numbers. Counters are put on the numbered area of a game table;

-Outside Bets– rates in which counters are put on additional areas of a game table of the Roulette, for example, the rate on the Dozen;

-Call Bets – this kind of rates is characteristic only for the French Roulette.

Roulette - the queen of casino

After rates are made, the croupier untwists a roulette wheel in one direction and starts a ball in an opposite direction. When the ball to stop in one of cells, the croupier declares winners and pays prizes. Rates which have not won pass in the casino income. Depending on a kind of the Roulette, a game rule can change.

It is necessary to have in view of what the roulette has one advantage before the player – at enough to long game any system of rates – LOSES. But the player has two advantages before roulette:

– The player can stop to play when will want.

– The player can change the size of rates (within resolved in a casino).

Using these two advantages it is possible to receive the stable income of game in roulette. But any system of game in roulette has one lack – it cannot provide a constant prize. It is necessary to be to it ready. Roulette – the queen of a casino!